Tropical Cyclone Seasonal Outlook 2017-18

On Thursday 12 October 2017 the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) released the Tropical Cyclone seasonal outlook for The Coral Sea which includes the number of cyclones that will impact Queensland this year.

The outlook highlights:

A 54% chance of an above average number of tropical cyclones in the Coral Sea (average number is 4).  Meaning a 46% chance of having fewer Tropical Cyclones than average.

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The BOM stated in their release

Tropical cyclones are low pressure systems that form over warm tropical waters and have at least gale force winds (sustained winds of 63 km per hour and gusts of 90 km per hour or more) near their centre. Even tropical cyclones well offshore can have significant impacts on coastal areas. High winds, storm surges and large waves can create dangerous conditions.

November 2017 – January 2018:- Climate and Water Outlook

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